Parking for visitors in Gothenburg

Parkering Göteborg has many parking spaces for visitors in Gothenburg. There are several different ways to find spaces and pay for your parking.

How to pay for parking?

You can pay in the parking meters our with your mobile (by using the app Parkering Göteborg).

  • Parkering Göteborg - mobile app

In the Parking Göteborg app there are smart functions that make it easier to find a space and pay for your parking.

Download the Parkering Göteborg app from App Store 
Download the Parkering Göteborg app from Google Play

  • Parking meters

Most parking meters accept bank cards, fuel cards and coins.
When you arrive at the meter the display may be off, in which case press any button and it will start. If you’re paying with a card, just push the card in the slot all the way and use the plus or minus button to choose the amount.

N.B. Wait until you see the amount in the display before continuing! Take the ticket from the ticket window lower down on the meter.

We now offer EV charging at certain parking spaces
  • At the moment this service is available at nine of our visitors’ parking spaces and we are in the process of installing more.
  • There is now a separate space code to pay for EV charging and parking.
  • EV charging costs SEK 7 extra per hour, regardless of where you are parked.
  • Start your parking and EV charging using the Parkering Göteborg app and then start to charge your car.
  • The charging equipment uses a type 2 contact and you need to have the right charging cable for this type.
  • The easiest way to find our EV charging spaces is using the Parkering Göteborg app; start your search with EV charging and you will see all the spaces.

Tips for those with large vehicles!

Do you have a motorhome, caravan or bus to park in Gothenburg? There are one or two things you should remember. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, please contact our customer service at kundtjanst@parkeringgoteborg.se
Vehicles that are registered as private cars can use any parking spaces that are marked for passenger cars - as long as all four tyres fit into one space. You may not use the space for anything else than parking.

Vehicles registered as a bus may only park in spaces intended for buses.

The Liseberg Parking in Skatås for motorhomes

This is in a beautiful area close to the Liseberg Amusement Park and the centre of Gothenburg. The area has 37 spaces with electricity and is open in the summer season. It is located in one of Gothenburg’s most popular places, the Delsjö area about 3 km east of Gothenburg. You can easily get to the Liseberg Amusement Park and the city centre by tram.

Pay at the parking meter in the area and choose whether you want to stay for 12 or 24 hours. The area is guarded at night and managed by Lisebergsbyn Kärralund, which is just down the hill.

Klippan parking for motorhomes

Here there are six spaces without electricity, with a maximum time limit of two days. For those of you who are visiting Gothenburg with a motorhome, there are 6 parking spaces at Klippan, Adolf Edelsvärdsgatan. They are close to the Klippan ferry if you’re going to Stenpiren or the tram stop at Jaegerdorffsplatsen. The spaces cost SEK 10 per hour all days 08.00-22.00, other times SEK 2 per hour, or SEK 60 for the whole day. The maximum parking time is 48 hours.

Do you have a trailer or caravan?

If you park and use two marked spaces, you need to buy tickets for both of them. Place both the tickets so they are clearly visible in the left-hand corner of the windscreen. If you park on a gravel area without any marked spaces, your two vehicles count as one and you only pay for a single ticket.


...it’s always the current parking signs that apply to the chosen area!