Visit: Gothenburg city centre

Centralen parking

A few minutes from the Gothenburg Central Station we have opened a new parking space with a room for 300 cars. The parking spaces is also near the large shopping mall Nordstan and the Göteborg Opera house.

For directions to the parking space at Centralen click here for Google maps.


A few minutes from the main boulevard Avenyn, you can find Heden parking spaces. In the area Heden there are different event venues, where some of the biggest indoor and outdoor events are held, for example Gothia World Youth Cup and Partille Cup, the Festival of Fire and other events.

There are three parking spaces nearby: 

Heurlins Plats

Between Stena - Denmark terminal and Iron Square (Järntorget) is a larger parking space called Heurlins Plats, South and North. This parking space is only a few minutes away from the charming quarters of Haga, Långgatorna and Rosenlund.

For directions to the parking space, click here for Google maps.