Visit: Liseberg, Svenska Mässan, Scandinavium and Nya Ullevi

Liseberg - the largest amusement park in the north!

Liseberg is a park for everyone. Since 1923 we have brought millions of people together to have fun. The park offers adventure, music, games, good food and beautiful gardens over three seasons: summer, Halloween and Christmas. 

Liseberg belongs to the people of Gothenburg. Liseberg is actually one of the City of Gothenburg’s municipal companies.

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Parking nearby

There are a lot of parking spaces in the south of Liseberg Link to Google maps -Liseberg Södra and Link to Google maps - P-hus Liseberg Västra

Opposite to the main entrance: P-hus Focus - Google maps link. 

Nya Ullevi

Ullevi is Sweden's largest outdoor arena and was built in 1958. Ullevi is a home to everything from small company parties to enormous, world-class music and sport events. Prior to the World Athletics Championships in 1995, the arena was extended, giving a total capacity of 43,000 seated spectators at sports events and up to 60,000 at music concerts (with 25, 000 standing on the pitch area). The European Athletics Championships were held here in 2006.

The name Ullevi roughly means "Ull's kingdom or temple" and relates to Ull, the god of games and play in Old Norse mythology. 

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Parking nearby

You can park in the underground garage Ullevigaraget - Google maps

Parking is alsa avaiable at Ernst Fontells Plats - Google maps  or the car park P-hus Johan på Gårda - Google maps


Rome has the Colosseum – we have Scandinavium. In fact, this impressive arena on Skånegatan is fondly referred to by locals as the “Colosseum” (or “Kålleseum”, as it is spelled in Swedish). Here spectators can admire the world’s greatest performers, athletes and equestrians, see the Frölunda ice hockey team win gold in the Swedish championship and watch Melodifestivalen (the Swedish qualifier for the Eurovision Song Contest). Experience the magic at Scandinavium!

Parking nearby

Nearest parking is Valhalla - Google maps.
Parking is also available at the car park P-hus Tomtegatan - Google maps, Gårdaskolan - Google maps or the car park P-hus Focus - Google maps.

Svenska Mässan - Gothia Towers

There's simply nowhere better to explore the future: news, innovations, products and services. Feel the buzz! At the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre you don’t only find the widest range of events, you also find the most dynamic and innovative ones.

Every year, around 2 million people from all over the world choose to visit the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers to meet, eat, stay overnight and develop business, products and ideas. We offer everything from hotels, shops, theatres, spas and restaurants to exhibition halls and various meeting facilities. All under one roof. Our vision is to become Europe’s most attractive meeting place by offering the best overall experience.

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Parking nearby

Nearest car park is P-hus Focus - Google maps. 

Parking is also available at the car park P-hus Tomtegatan - Google maps and Gårdaskolan - Google maps